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Beak & Skiff Introduces CBD-infused Coffee

Beak & Skiff Introduces CBD-infused Coffee

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the trending topics in the cannabis industry these days and consumer retailers don’t want to be left out of the huge profit margin that CBD-infused products may provide.   Accordingly, Beak & Skiff owned by LaFayette NY is introducing its first ever CBD product, a cold-brew coffee into the market. This coffee will be sold at Beak & Skiff’s farm store in LaFayette and at Wegmans food stores.

The CBD-infused coffee is expected to hit the market next week and will be made available in 12- and 48-ounce plastic bottles.

CBD is a cannabis-derived chemical compound. Users say it can help with a variety of health ailments such as anxiety, stress, inflammation and pain. It does not contain the psychoactive component as seen in THC that can get someone “high” and it’s available in form of ointments, vaping additives, edible products and more. There are even CBD products for pets.

Owning hemp grower farms has been legalized by the U.S. federal law since last year, however Beak & Skiff is yet to own their own farm. According to Eddie Brennan, the company’s president, the company hopes to have their own farm in its own fields near their apple orchards soon. Nevertheless, currently the company sources its CBD oil from a state licensed hemp grower in Cortland County.

Whether Beak & Skiff will succeed with their overall CBD plan, nobody knows. Their orchard manager, Peter Fleckenstein said the company just planted some test plots of hemp to ascertain how well the hemps grows by September when they will harvest them. Meanwhile, there is still many uncertainties surrounding the legality of using CBD in foods and beverages.   

Brenna said that, “Our goal is vertical integration, where we do everything from growing (hemp) and extraction (distilling the CBD oil from the plant), to production and bottling, which we’re doing now” and “While CBD is certainly hot right now, it’s still early and we have to see how all this works out.”

Time to Diversify More

Diversification of products is not something new to Beak & Skiff. In 1911 when the company was founded, the family-owned orchards mostly sold apples to consumers and retailers. Then in 1970s, they slowly diversified into fresh (sweet) cider.

Beak & Skiff launched its alcoholic beverage line at the beginning of the 21st century with the introduction of apple wine and hard cider. This line now produces beverages from bourbon, and vodka to canned cocktails.

The new CBD Cold Brew Coffee contains about 20 grams of CBD per 12-ounce serving as well as caffeine. But does not contain alcohol.

Here’s how the coffee is brewed:

They start by getting coffee from Paul de Lima, the local coffee roasters in Cicero. This coffee is now cold brewed at the Beak & Skiff facility, the same one they use for their fresh cider. CBD oil is now infused just before the coffee is pasteurized.

Beak & Skiff makes use of CBD from Head and Heal, a hemp grower from Cortland. Everything about the CBD oil extraction process is also concluded on the farm before the company takes over. They hope to be able to do this on their own in the future.  To pull the CBD oil out during the extraction process, hemp is infused with ethanol and then filtered. This process also gets rid of any small of amount of THC inside the hemp.

According to Brennan, the next step was to determine the exact quantity of CBD to be used. He said: “We didn’t want this to taste like bong water,” he said. “So we played around with different amounts. We still want some of the character of hemp.”

They finally decided on 20 grams per 12-ounce serving, because according to Brennan, it provided them with a subtle flavor and aroma, not overwhelming at all.

Even though the final product has a somewhat subtle earthy taste, the coffee itself helps immensely in masking the CBD flavor. Throughout the entire process, the coffee is kept at refrigerator temperature, said Brennan. He also advises to always gently shake the coffee to blend well with the oil before serving.

The proposed price for the Brisk & Skiff CBD Cold Brew Coffee is $4.99 and $8.99 for the 12-ounce and 14-ounce bottle respectively. 

Brennan posits that the entry of Beak & Skiff into the CBD market with the coffee is just perfect and recommends drinking the CBD Cold Brew Coffee whenever anyone wants to take their coffee. The company is already limiting their production of non-CBD coffee, as they want the CBD version to circulate round the market.

CBD Legalization Uncertainties

There have been many uncertainties surrounding the legality of marijuana and hemp for years now. However, a big break came in 2018 when the Congress passed into law, the Farm Bill, which legalizes the growing of hemp containing no more than 0.3% THC. This law legalizes the production and consumption of hemp products such as CBD or terpenes.

Nevertheless, according to the reports from Business Insider and a few others, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not been quite clear on their stand on the use of hemp products in foods and beverages. FDA initial statements on the issue indicate the agency is yet to conclude on the legality of hemp products.

Last month, the New York state legislature authorized a bill that will enable the state to regulate and supervise the production of hemp related products in the state. This may entail CBD producers stating the exact amount of CBD in each product. This is still new and will take some time to set up all appropriate rules and regulation as well as procedures for licensures.

Also, there was a recent debate in New Yok where some law makers opined for the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults. The bill failed, but a law was passed instead to decriminalize some marijuana offenses. This is yet to be signed by the governor though. None of these bills addressed the issue of using hemp derived products in the state.

Currently, Beak & Skiff is one of the 278 hemp growers in the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets research program. They already have license to start extracting CBD oil from hemp.

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