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CBD for Depression - Can it Help?

CBD for Depression - Can it Help?

The news about cannabis providing some health benefits is no longer new. However, many people tend to think in terms of THC as the only beneficial molecule in cannabis. Yes, THC has been proven to be effective in restoring the appetite of people undergoing chemotherapy and in treating stomach problems. Nevertheless, it’s not the only beneficial compound in marijuana.

CBD (cannabidiol) is also a chemical compound found in most strains of cannabis, but does not produce same psychoactive effects as seen in THC. Recent studies have shown that you can use CBD for depression and anxiety. What you’ll learn in this article is how CBD interacts with your body and how it’s likely to help your ‘medical cause’.

CBD Oil and Depression

CBD products such as hemp oil, CBD gummies and CBD oil contain certain extracts from cannabis plants that can provide long-term health benefits to its users. For individuals that suffer from anxiety disorders and depression, these CBD products can help in regulating their moods without any negative side effect whatsoever.

How CBD works for depression

Now, the human brain has a system called the endocannabinoid system. Everyone has this system regardless of whether they take cannabis products or not. This system is always in close contact with the rest of the human brain and plays an important role in regulating our psychological health and other biological processes.   

As regards to depression, CBD binds to neurological receptors in your endocannabinoid system, thereby preventing the biochemicals linked to depression from spreading. This is exactly what happens when CBD is present in your blood stream.

Treating Depression with CBD

These treatments can come in various forms. Here in the United States, it’s still considered illegal to buy CBD products or any of such related outside a medical marijuana program or well-regulated dispensary. Nevertheless, best CBD products can still be bought at CBD Champ.

CBD products can come in form of capsules, oil or candies. They are available in all kinds of sizes, shapes and dosages.

CBD Feeling

Know that CBD, unlike THC, is not a psychoactive chemical. Hence, it will not leave you feeling high, euphoric or buggy. It will never impede on your ability to function normal like every other person. As a matter fact, CBD neutralizes some of the chemicals in your brain that may affect your limbic system when unbalanced.

This is exactly the reason why CBD is good for depression, as it does not have the negative effects of THC like anxiety or paranoia because it never makes you high.

CBD Products

 A lot of people use hemp oils, CBD tinctures or CBD gummies in treatment of depression. Here, we will provide you a quick list of CBD products that can be bought on Amazon.

 Colorado HempLab Gummies – This is a CBD product produced by filling up gummy gelatin with a CO2. This provides a potent and stable dosage every time it’s taken.

Other products include hard candies, sodas, oils and tinctures..., etc. There are endless list of products containing CBD and they all work great in treatment of depression. E.g., There is a Mr. Lee’s company on Amazon that retails flavored vape cartridges in strong doses of CBD. This would leave anyone feeling terrific without the potential stressor of ‘highness’ unlike THC. 

There are other companies like Evolv Nutra and Kate Naturals who use Amazon in selling of their hemp seed oil products. These products are made from oils extracted out of the cannabis seed. They work great for depression as well as other physical maladies like indigestion and chronic pain.

Amazon has other great products that contain CBD such as CannaHemp’s CBD energy drink line, which comes in multiple flavors – vegan and gluten-free.   

Regardless of which product you choose or which ailment you’re battling with, there is always a CBD-infused product for you. Have hope, knowing that CBD is a great choice for treating anxiety and depression. More recent studies have discovered that CBD can help with most biological conditions.

Benefits of CBD Aside Depression

Almost everyone agrees, with enough historical precedence, that marijuana and CBD can help in easing of pain. Recent research on rats found that CBD can treat pain effectively by reducing inflammation. There are records to this effect and is why CBD has played a large role in treatment of pains associated with muscular dystrophy.

There has also been a case for CBD in treatment of acne. Almost everyone has experienced acne at one point in their lives. However, what many don’t know is that acne is caused by the presence of bacteria in the skin in addition to our bodies producing an oil called sebum. Research has found that CBD can help reduce the glandular production of this chemical giving rise to acne.

Even though the list of ailments that can be helped by CBD is inexhaustive as there are many health conditions that can affect the human body, let’s take a little look at CBD’s clinically tested role in fighting opioid addiction.

You’ve probably known or have met someone suffering from abuse of pharmaceutical medicines. It’s really hard to watch someone battling addiction and could be a terrifying experience both for the addicted, and their family and friends. Symptoms can range from poor neurological functioning to nausea and others.

Now, with CBD in the picture, we can hopefully look forward to a time when those suffering from opioid addiction will not have to rely on some additive chemicals produced in a lab to treat themselves. But instead, make use of holistic and natural treatment free from dependencies and side effects. This could be one of the most important use of CBD as it not only help addicts in their quest to quit but also prevents one from being hooked in the first place.

With that said, no matter what ailment you may have, there’s likely to be a CBD product for you. You may be surprised to find that there are actually CBD product for relaxation – you just have to look. Even though general CBD usage still needs approval from the federal level, it doesn’t hurt to explore – who knows, it might just help with that ailment. But be careful though!

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