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First CBD Beer Hits the Market

First CBD Beer Hits the Market

Finnegans, a downtown Minneapolis brewery released the first-ever CBD beer to the public on June 21, 2019. Finnegans, which has garnered the approval of the public when it previously donated 100% of its profits to charity in the fight against hunger, has now chosen to ‘draw’ its name home by joining the CBD legalization buzz with its tasty beer.

The brewery just launched ‘Kicked to the Herb’, a pale ale containing 13mg of CBD and weighs in at 5.5% ABV (Alcohol by volume). This is not the first Minnesota’s hemp-infused beer product, but it’s quite unique amongst the rest. It’s brewed with full groupings of hemp oil rather than hemp seed.

If you’re wondering how one can possibly make beer out of water and oil, you’re not alone as it’s quite a tricky process – the exact process of clarifying the hemp oil into many jars ready for brewing is just mind blowing.

Though it seems Finnegans is joining the CBD legalization bandwagon to make the most out of it just like everyone else. But on a closer look, you’ll see they are likely setting themselves up to be the sacrificial lamb in the slow-raging battle of hemp legalization with its variety of uses.     

Minneapolis hosted a conference from June 18-20, which saw the gathering of 50 regulators from the various states’ Department of Agriculture and the release of Finnegans’ “Kicked to the Herb” sort of coincided with it. If you’d been present at this preview event, you’d have been cheek by jowl with individuals in charge of decisions on whether or not hemp should be embraced for cultivating, gastronomic, and brewing purposes.

When Ryan Mihm, a head brewer at Finnegans was contacted on whether they planned the beer release to coincide with the event, he has this to say; “Kinda. I had a three-day window to make it work, and (Finnegans founder) Jacquie Berglund got on the phone to NJ Farms.”

So, by the time the event day finally came, Mihm had everything he needs to produce the first proto beer in time to coincide with the arrival of the regulators. Every other thing just fell into place from there.

Finnegans had made a placebo beer and Mihm didn’t make any attempt to deny that, but quickly added that: “It’s not about health. It’s about flavor”.

‘Kicked to the Herb’ contains only 13 mg of CBD per pint, which is a lesser dose when compared to other products in the marketplace on the average with higher CBD contents. Basically, you’d end up getting drunk before you feel anything from the inherent CBD.

In fact, just like many other craft beers, it’s no more than a “nap juice”. However, Finnegans’ pale ale is setting the records straight as being more than just a craft beer with its ‘thoroughbred’ variety. If you’re in Minnesota, head over to the brewery for a sip, and let us know what you think!

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