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New CBD Business Opens In Beaumont, Texas

New CBD Business Opens In Beaumont, Texas

Before now, it would have been illegal for anyone to start a CBD business in Texas, as it’s strongly prohibited.

However, in June, the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott signed a bill into law that allows farmers in Texas to grow hemp. The bill also allows the sale of CBD oil, an extract from the hemp plant.

This has led to the opening of a CBD store on Dowlen road in Beaumont by CBD Shaman of Southeast Texas. The store offers CBD-infused products; massage oil, marshmallow treats, doggy treats, and juices. It’s not a convenience store though, as all displayed products contains CBD. 

Christy Mendes, one of the women that opened the store said that they do not sell marijuana, and their products is derived from hemp. She further stated that the most THC they have is 0.3 percent.

The store has THC-free products as well, but not in the quantity of its CBD counterparts. Selling CBD based products used to be a taboo, but all that changed with the signing of the legislation that allows the growth of hemp, and sale of hemp-based oils.

This law has opened up business opportunities for businesses such as CBD Shaman of Southeast Texas.

According to Mendes, “That was huge for Abbott to sign this bill for the hemp bill, but I think it's all because it had to do with the federal law, too. Once it was legal on a federal level, Texas says 'okay, we're on board with this' and it's huge. A lot of people have needed this and it helps a lot of people.”

Mendes and her co-owner, Tara Latil both own the CBD store on Dowlen Road. According to them, their products have the same effect, even though they can be taken in several varieties like a drink, a snack or a capsule.   

Mendes said that their products have a calming effect, and can help with a healthy sleep and also reduce inflammations. CBD has also been said to help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy, Parkinson’s and anxiety.

She explains that anyone can get a hemp oil, but do they really know what they are taking it for, and how it works? “… that’s what I’m here for, to explain how, and how it works for you,” said Mendes. 

More so, this is not the first CBD shop opening in Texas since the signing of the bill, however this is a huge one, as it’s the first women’s-owned CBD business in Southeast Texas.

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