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Survey Reveals Most Americans Use CBD For Pain, Anxiety and Sleep

Survey Reveals Most Americans Use CBD For Pain, Anxiety and Sleep

A research in Washington D.C. has revealed that most Americans use CBD based products, following the legalization of this hemp form of cannabis since last year. Younger Americans reported wide usage of these products, as a result of its widely touted curative benefits.

Even though CBD usage was recognized by law last December, the FDA is yet to roll out policies on the use of the substance. While research showed that 14% of American adults are using CBD infused products, a poll by Gallup in June found that 35% are not familiar with the products, and 50% don’t use them.

CBD usage decreased in the older age groups, as only about 20% of adults younger than 30 say they use the product. About 8% of adults older than 65 say they make use of CBD, and 49% don’t know what is CBD. This is similar to the Gallup data on marijuana usage, where younger adults reported higher usage compared to older adults.   

Reports indicate that most Americans in the West use CBD products, compared with 11% in both the East and Midwest, and 13% in the South. The use of marijuana is legal in most Western states, and as a result CBD based products has been available for longer periods to the residents of those states.

Why Americans use CBD products

Many advocates of the CBD-infused products claim the substance has a lot of medicinal benefits. Users say they use it for a relief from pain, insomnia and arthritis, with a majority of them citing they use it mostly for pain.

Stats show that women are more likely to use the product for anxiety, and men for help in sleeping.


A lot of CBD products have entered the market since the Farm bill Act legalizing the cultivation of hemp. However, many Americans are still not familiar with the product or don’t use them at all. Those who say they use them cite pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness as the main reason for usage.

Most American adults, even though they stand to benefit the most from the use of CBD-based products in treatment of pains and aches that come with old age are less familiar with the substance. And until FDA begins to regulate CBD products, they are less likely to be using them now.   

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