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CBD Gummies by CBDfx

by CBDfx
Quantity: 8ct

CBD Gummies by CBDfx Overview

For those unsure if they should be taking CBD, the CBD Gummy Bears by CBDfx is an ideal start: a low dose product at a low, affordable price. The mouthwatering Gummy Bears are lightly dusted with sweet, all-natural Cane Sugar, and each bite is a bursts of Berry Fruit flavor. Every Gummy bear is 5mg of full-spectrum CBD and is available in both a small 8ct travel pouch or a 60ct bottle. The 8ct pouch is great for those looking to try out the product, and the 60ct is perfect for those who’ve decided they enjoy the products health benefits. CBDfx recommends taking only one per day until you feel comfortable with their effects then adding additional until you get the desired effect. These Hemp CBD Gummies are completely vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO and are grown organically in Europe and manufactured in the United States. CBDfx’s entire line boasts its full spectrum CBD products, giving each one of these gummy’s additional nutrients: fatty acids, among other organic compounds. And whether it’s a starter pack or 60ct bottle, the CBD Gummy Bears by CBDfx are excellent for those looking into CBD for their daily routine. If you are looking for gummies with turmeric, check out CBD Gummies with Turmeric and Spirulina by CBDfx.

Milligrams per Piece: 5mg

Available Sizes: 8ct Pouches and 60ct Bottles


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